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 We present to you the next generation of Ozone therapy devices

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The core competence of EVOZONE medical care, Germany, is based on our 20 plus - years experience in development and production of medical Ozone devices. Our medical ozone devices are developed and produced in Germany.
Levels of customer satisfaction world-wide confirm our success all over the globe. With drive and initiative and a loyal clientele, we have set course for an innovative future.
We produce at the highest level and offer smart ozone therapy devices with an attractive design, high product safety and practical handling.


We are located in Reutlingen (closed to the Swabian Jura) in the south of Germany, near by Stuttgart. 

The Swabians, the people of this region, are well known for their enterprising spirit, here you find one of the highest patents-to-population ratios in the world. Our region has an excellent reputation in the field of engineering with its large number of companies turning out high-tech products, such as machine tools and medical devices for worldwide consumption. Successful medical engineering companies, high qualified employees and a number of specialized ancillary companies offer us the best production conditions. Therefore, and due to the innovative ideas of our employees,EVOZONE-products guarantees German quality, smart solutions and a simple operation.

"Trust and openness
are the fundamentals of
good business relations."
Eberhard Luik (CEO)
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