Therapy - How is Ozone applied?

Before any treatment each patient must go through a thorough examination for an exact diagnose. In an arrangement with the patient, the doctor choose the proper application form. Every treatment is done with a gas mixture of medical oxygen and Ozone, the amount of Ozone used stays in the microgram area. For better understanding, Ozone is always spoken of â€“ an Ozone oxygen mixture is meant in the medical context.

It is not possible to retain Ozone like for e.g. Oxygen, CO2 or other gases since it is not stable. 
Ozone therapy devices produce the needed Ozone out of medical oxygen, modern controlling technic 
allows a precise and constant concentration of the dosage and volume.

26 national and international ozone therapy associations and medical ozone societies have agreed in the " Declaration of Madrid on ozone therapy " on application and dosage recommendations for the various forms of application.

For a first impression, watch the short clip about the major autohemotherapy:

Major Autohemotherapy


About 100 ml of blood is extracted from the patients arm vein, enriched in a sterile bottle and subsequently infused back into the patient. This treatment achieves a high effect due to the activation of the metabolism in the red and white blood cells. The treatment is done one to two times a week and takes about 30 minutes. A therapy cycle contains about 10 to 15 treatment sessions.


Examples of use

  • Circulatory disorders
  • Infections
  • Age complaints
  • Regeneration

Minor Autohemotherapy


Blood is taken from a patients vein and enriched in a syringe. The enriched blood is then injected into the patients gluteal muscle or under the patients skin. The immune system reacts to this with higher activity and production of antibodies. A treatment takes about 10 minutes.


Examples of use

  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Immune activation
  • Liver disease

Bag treatment(Ozone fumigation)


Isolate the affected area with a plastic bag for external Ozone application. A mixture of Oxygen and Ozone is infused and extracted after a period of time to take effect. Ozone disinfects, activates blood circulation and speeds up the wound healing. A treatment takes about 20 minutes.


Examples of use

  • Abscess
  • Wounds
  • Infections

Ozone cap treatment 


Isolate the affected area is isolated with a bell jar. (Similar to a cupping jar). In the presence of a light under pressure a continuous flow of gas is pumped through the bell jar for 5 to 10minutes. The effecting Ozone improves the microbicide properties of the wound healing, the Ozone under pressure treatment benefits the wound cleansing through a improvement of the blood circulation in the tissue.


Examples of use

  • Bedsore
  • Diabetic gangrene
  • Fistulas
  • Slow/bad healing wounds

Ozonized water


Pure water can easily be enriched with Ozone. The treatment of skin diseases and injuries is an easy an safe treatment, Since the solubility of Ozone in water is limited and the capacitation max. is quickly reached. Applications as a spray or wound compress. Especially the disinfecting effect of Ozone improves the healing process.


Examples of use

  • Abscess
  • Wounds
  • Infections

Intradiscal infiltration (Ozononukleolysis)


The injecting of Ozone into the spinal disc is done under control with a graphical procedure (X-ray/MRT) Ozone minimizes the water amount and makes the disc core shrink, further more it improves the blood circulation and works anti infecting. This micro invasive method is a riskless alternative to a surgical operation on the spinal disc with a success rate of 69 percent (18 percent of the patients need a second operation).


Examples of use

  • Discus degeneration
  • Prolaps

Intraarticular injection


Infiltration with Ozone (1 to 20 ml volume depending on the size of the joint) Infection blocking and immune activating, especially on shoulder and knee joint diseases.


Examples of use

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Arthrosis
  • Gonarthrosis

Rectal insufflation


Rectal insufflation with Ozone has an infection blocking and immune activating effect. It is used on infectious intestine diseases or injuries of the tissue. Gas volumes of 50 to 300 ml of Ozone are applied with a Bladder syringe and catheter. A treatment series of 10 sessions is often enough.


Examples of use

  • Proctitis
  • Colitis

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