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Our Values 

Our company does not only define its self through a building, machines and desks.  We put our employees and customers first.  This is why our doing is committed to ethical and moral rules:

We respect our commitments and take responsibility for our actions. We strive for quality in our products and the best service for our customers.

Trust and respect:
We treat everyone fair and dignity. We trust our colleges and customers. We create an area for teamwork and openness.

We have the courage to commit our doings to our values and beliefs. We commit ourselves to keeping these values and encouraging others to do so as well.

Sustainability and social responsibility:
We are responsible for the well been of our customers, employees and our partners. We have an influence on our surroundings and on society. We stay true to our responsibilities by positively influencing the lives of the people around us and keeping a clean and safe environment.