EVOZONE GmbH produces high-quality and user-friendly ozone therapy devices, with an attractive design and high security standard!

We have specialized in the medical application of ozone. Our competence is based on more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of ozone devices  and accessories  for ozone therapy.

Global customer satisfaction confirms our success. With drive and initiative and a loyal clientele, we have set course for an innovative future.

We produce at the highest level and offer smart ozone therapy devices with an attractive designhigh product safety and practical handling.

    "Trust and openess are the most important foundations for a good business relationship
    - Eberhard Luik (CEO)

The company EVOZONE GmbH is in Reutlingen, next to the Swabian Alb, about 30 km south of Stuttgart. The Neckar-Alb region has an excellent international reputation as a location for medical technology companies.
Successful medical technology companies, highly qualified workers and the large number of specialized suppliers offer us the best production conditions for our ozone therapy devices.

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