Consumable materials

What do you need for consumables?

Specifically adapted to ozone therapy, Evozone developed a treatment set.
The preparation time is on a minimum reduced and the implementation for the treatment is easy to handle.

Effective and safe treatment with consumable materials of EVOZONE.   Direct to the EVOZONE Shop

For the major autohemotherapy – Go to the Shop
Vacuumbottle 250 ml, mit NaCl 3,13%

Sodium citrate for Anticoagulation is in a correct dose contained in the bottle. The glassbottle has a double scale for hanging and standing use. Bottle holder is included.
PPS Transferfilter-Set

For the introduction of the ozone into the vacuum bottle via bacterial filter and aseptic ventilation during reinfusion.
Sangodrop S-P

Transfusionset for use with glass or vacuum bottles. It has a steel tip for easy piercing and a flexible, transparent and non-PVC drip chamber, which allows the visual inspection of the flow of drops. Precision roller clamp included.
Perfusion Butterlfy Needle

With Luer Lock Connector and closure cap. Very soft wings ensure a pleasant attachment. Different sizes and color coded.
For the minor autohemotherapy – Go to the Shop

Luer Connector. Latex-free silicone pistons
Hypodermic Needles
Hydrobhobic bacteria filter

The usage of the bacteria filter (200μm) guaranteed a hygienic treatment.
For the bag treatment – Go to the Shop
Bag treatment set

Ready to use, a sturdy bag with a device protection filter, inlet and outlet ozone line. Size 40 x 40 cm.