The best choice for an economical entrance  into the world of Ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy with basicPlus, easy and secure! Our tip for price-concisous users!

The basicPlus is ready for operation in just a few simple steps or can be quickly stowed away if necessary, freeing up valuable space in the practice. Doctors and naturopaths who do not focus on ozone therapy, but want to offer this healing process to their patients, are well advised to use this device.

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The basic plus combines high functionality and reliable technology:

  • Handy device  only 4.1 kg weight and compact dimensions  (L/W/H: 32 cm / 12 cm / 32 cm)
  • Operation via membrane keyboard no dirt traps, anti-bacterial coating for optimum hygiene
  • Powerful ozone generator  for constant ozone concentrations up to 80 µ g/ml
  • Integrated suction pump  enables the bag treatment, rapid filling and emptying of the treatment bag
  •  High standard of security sensor-controlled ozone output and internal catalyst (destroy surplus ozone)
  • Multirange power supply  operating at 110 or 240 V mains supply with automatic adjustment

The Major Autohemotherapy is easy and safe with the basic plus: The ozone refered easily with a disposable syringe from the device, via a transfer line with integrated bacterial filter you fill the vacuum bottle with the desired amount of ozone – only a small additional effort compared to the automated execution of high expensive ozone devices.

The Minor Autohemotherapy The control elements of the basicPlus all are arranged at the front of the device and so the handling is uncomplicated. Choose the Ozone concentration by pushing buttons plus or minus You can quickly perceive the set concentration thanks to the LED-scale. Fill a syringe with only a push of a button. The labeling of the operating elements with clear icons makes the handling of the device easy and gives safety to the user.

With its strong pump and integrated catalyzer, quick filling and extracting is no problem during the bag treatment , with the basicPlus. Even at high Ozone concentrations this device delivers a high amount of gas (flowrate of 1 litre per minute) important for an effective workflow in daily use. Our advice: Use the ozone bag treatment-set of EVOZONE which comes to you in one piece ,ready to use,  including the tubes and bacteria-filter.

Water ozonisation : The basicPlus is perfectly qualified for water ozonisation due to its constant high Ozone output. Therefor the device is equipped with a time controlled permanent-ozone function. In combination with the optional Aquanizer, the fabrication of ozonized water takes short time and little effort. Our advice: with a simple plug you can use the Aquanizer for storage as well. If it is stored in a refrigerator, then the ozone water will keep its effectiveness for several days.

Technical datas of the basicPlus device:
Power supply
100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption
70 Watt maximum
Ozone conzentration
0-80 µg/ml in graduation:
0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40,50, 60, 70, 80
+ /- 5 % at 21°C
Oxygen flow-rate
10 ml/sec constant at all concentration settings
System pressure intern
0,4 – 0,8 bar
Internal pressure
10 – 40 °C
Operation humidity
35 – 80% relative humidity
Storage temperature
–10 bis 60 °C
Overall dimensions
320 / 320 / 120 mm (L x W x H)
4.1 kg [9.1 lbs] (without oxygen bottle)
Classification Annex IX