Emergence and Effect

What does Ozone effects?

Ozone shows a disinfecting effect and kills various pathogens. A healing effect is shown with wounds and skin diseases. Ozone therapy has a positive effect on blood circulation, which stimulates the self-healing process of the body and the immune system. As a result there is an improved energy usage of the tissue. An Ozone therapy can be done in a combination with other healing methods or used for prevention.
Since when is ozone therapy available as a cure?
The first apparatus for the production of ozone was built by the German inventor Werner von Siemens in 1857. Since the 1930s, ozone has been used as a drinking cure, enema, spray and injection in many areas of medicine. In 1972, a medical society for ozone therapy was founded in Germany, which published guidelines for safe use and supported research on ozone application.
How does ozone occur?
Ozone can be generated with ultraviolet light (such as the protective ozone layer in the stratosphere) with electrical discharges (such as in ground-near thunderstorms) from oxygen. Oxygen is generally found as a pair of oxygen atoms, the O2 molecules.
By high energies this bond can be broken up, thus producing individual oxygen atoms, the so-called “free radicals.” The reactive oxygen atoms combine with oxygen molecules to form O3 molecules, the ozone. These molecules are very unstable and therefore rapidly disintegrate into an O2 molecule and a free oxygen atom.
How is ozone produced?
Ozone must therefore be produced for on-site use. This is done by the method of the silent electric discharge. In this case, oxygen is ionized by means of high electric field strengths, the molecules are split up and new compounds are formed, which also results in the triple group of oxygen atoms – the ozone molecule. For medical devices for ozone therapy, medical oxygen is used for ozone production. Ozone is also used for water treatment and for disinfecting food.
Oxygen of Life

The blood carries the oxygen into every cell of our body. If the blood circulation is disturbed – due to a disease or due to the natural aging process – there is a lack of oxygen supply to the body. As a result, the immune system can be weakened. Also diseases such as metabolic disorders are a consequence.

Ozone promotes blood circulation…
The medical application of ozone promotes blood flow and normalizes the oxygen supply to the body. Thus, ozone therapy helps to prevent, cure, or alleviate ailments caused by them.